Dental Bridges

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge can help to replace areas of missing teeth. The bridge attaches to surrounding teeth and the middle portion of the actual restoration sits on top of your gums. This middle portion gives the appearance of a full and bright smile regardless of how many teeth you’re actually missing. Bridges are made to look and feel like your own natural teeth and can last for decades with proper care.

Why is a Dental Bridge needed?

The reason you may require a dental bridge is because you’re missing natural teeth. This restoration is ideal for those patients who aren’t suitable candidates for implants. Alternatively, bridges can be made to be placed over implants in areas where you’re missing a lot of dentition. Bridges are needed to not only improve the look of your smile, but to help in improving overall functionality.

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Miles K.

Who’s a candidate for a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are easy to place and are often done in just two appointments. Considering the fact that you can replace multiple missing teeth with one restoration, it’s a suitable option for patients who don’t want to wear a partial denture. Dr. Joita Ghosh will perform an examination to determine if you’ll need a bridge. We can even replace older bridges that show signs of disrepair.

What happens during the procedure for a Dental Bridge?

We begin by administering an anesthetic to make the procedure comfortable for you. Next, Dr. Ghosh will file down the surrounding teeth to create stable foundations for the new fixed bridge. Impressions will be taken shortly after so that we can make both a temporary and permanent bridge for the area. You will go home after the first appointment with the temporary bridge firmly in place. You’ll be scheduled to come back for a second appointment to have the actual permanent bridge put into place. Dr. Joita Ghosh will make some slight adjustments to the new restoration and you’ll be ready to leave our office with your brand new smile.

If you think you might need a dental bridge, call our office today and we can work to get you in for a convenient appointment.