Holistic VS Traditional Denstistry

What is the Difference Between Holistic & Traditional Dentistry?

Dental technology is continually changing, and more scientific research is being developed that is allowing us to realize the connection between your overall health and the health of your mouth. In fact, dental problems have been linked to heart issues and even brain functioning. By taking a whole-body approach to your dental care, we can improve the health of your entire body. Likewise, biological dentistry treats patients as individuals and those deserving of quality care. You’re more than just a patient on a schedule sheet in our office, and we’re always here to answer your questions and hear your concerns.

What is Holistic/Biological Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is a unique approach that allows us to treat you as an individual. We take your overall health into consideration when providing the care and treatment that your smile needs. By treating you as a unique individual, you can finally receive the care that you’d like to feel and look your best. Biological dentistry understands the significant link between your overall health and your dental health. This understanding enables us to provide more advanced care in a clinical setting.

As a patient of fourteen years, my family stays with KEA Smile Studio because they make you feel welcome, comfortable and take great care of you. They are very professional and have the most current equipment and techniques for maintaining a healthy dental state.

James L. on KEA Smile Studio

What is Traditional/General Dentistry?

Traditional, old-fashioned dentistry looks at just the patient’s teeth and the problems that come with everyday dental issues. The old saying “drill and fill” is common among those practicing traditional dentistry, as they may not see a connection between other intra-oral and whole-body disorders and problems with the patient’s oral health. Traditional dentistry is dated and is impersonal on an incredibly unsatisfactory level. It isn’t family-friendly and is detrimental to the person’s overall care.

Which is the Preferred Choice?

Holistic dentistry is preferred because it is helpful in providing patients with the care they both need and deserve. When you are provided with holistic dentistry, your whole body’s health and current state of being are considered and we can provide aid in improving dental care. We put an emphasis on preventative care so that corrective care simply is not needed or is minimal at most. Our goal is to provide you with a full, healthy smile that you can feel confident in showing off. Holistic dentistry is ideal for every member of your family regardless of age.

If you are interested in holistic dentistry and want to learn more about this unique approach, call us today and we can help to answer your questions.

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