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How To Use An Electric Toothbrush?

Using an electric toothbrush is much more effective than a manual toothbrush. To have good dental hygiene, it will be necessary to know the gestures of the brushing and to adopt it. By mastering the use of the electric toothbrush, one can benefit from all its advantages. By becoming accustomed to using an electric toothbrush, one takes care of one’s teeth while having a star smile.

How to use an electric toothbrush

How to use a sonic toothbrush?

Sonic toothbrushes work with brushes that look a lot like a manual toothbrush. During the brushing sessions, the hairs vibrate at a rate of about 35,000 movements/minute. To properly use these modern brush models, the same movement as the use of the manual toothbrush will be required. The right gesture is made by making small movements of the gum to the tooth by brushing the teeth of the upper and lower jaw separately. The use of the electric toothbrush working with sonic technology begins by placing the brush on the gum at an angle of about 45 °. The wrist is then slightly rotated by gently moving the brush towards the teeth. When brushing,

Use a rotating electric rotary toothbrush

When brushing using a rotary tilting brush, the round brush should be placed on each tooth to wrap it. When the tooth is well wrapped, it is held in place a few seconds before moving on to the next. Just repeat this until all the teeth have been cleaned. Note that this brushing tooth by tooth is also valid for those who wish to use an electric toothbrush equipped with 3D technology.

What to do to use an electric toothbrush?

A rechargeable electric toothbrush replaces the usual manual brushing with small rotations. Put the brush on the teeth and let the automatic movement of the device do the rest. The secret to good brushing is to slowly move the device from one tooth to the other on the outer and inner sides. It is important to be methodical when brushing, so you do not forget any teeth. Effectively clean the mouth by also passing the electric brush on the tongue for a few seconds to eliminate bacteria.

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