Laser Dentistry

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser therapy is incredibly successful in treating gum disease, and requires no incisions or sutures. The procedure works by eradicating diseased tissue from inside the gum pockets around each tooth. This leaves only healthy tissue behind, which can heal more appropriately against the teeth themselves. Laser therapy is the go-to option for many who are looking to treat their gum disease effectively.

Why is Laser Dentistry needed?

Laser therapy is often considered if you have moderate to severe gum disease. We can determine if you have gum disease with a simple gum health check. This allows us to measure the gum pockets around each tooth, so that we can decipher if laser therapy is right for you. You may want or need this treatment if you’d like a noninvasive therapeutic option that uses no scalpels or incisions.

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Peter H.

Who’s a candidate for Laser Dentistry?

The majority of patients who have gum disease can safely and effectively have treatment performed in our office. The procedure enables us to remove diseased tissue from the gums, preventing further infection and periodontal problems. The laser that is used is safe and effective. It only works to eliminate infected tissue, and will leave all healthy gum tissue intact.

What happens during Laser Dentistry treatment?

Little to no anesthetic is required for this particular periodontal treatment. We work by aiming a high-powered, yet gentle, laser into the pockets around each tooth. The laser works to remove all bacteria and infected tissue from the gingival pockets. The roots of the teeth will then be smoothed to help the gums heal more closely to the teeth. This reduces the size and depth of the gingival pockets so that you can reverse gum disease and heal your mouth. The treatment is effective and simple, allowing you to avoid the problems that come with having periodontal surgery meant to reduce the size of your gingival pockets.

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